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  • FAQ's While In Town Welcome The Brinsfield-Echols Funeral Homes is owned and operated by the Brinsfield and Echols families. And like any good friend, we understand the importance of providing a comforting hand in a time of grief. We recognize that every individual and family we serve has lived a life that is uniquely their own. We take the time to learn about their lives and help them plan a funeral or memorial service that reflects the lifestyle and final wishes of their loved one. We have updated our website to assist you in your search for information About Us, Our Locations, Local and National Resources, Our Services and Merchandise Selections, Pre-Planning Services, Grief Resources or our Online Obituaries. While we believe there is no substitute for a personal meeting with one of our licensed funeral directors, we hope our site will provide you with helpful information. Albert Russell Sandy

    Margaret S. "Peggy" Owens Ruth Emily Pilling Maria F. Bell

    Thomas Joseph Kidwell Ann Frances Lee

    Robert Timothy Gass Bertha June Burns Elbert Ignatius Hayden

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